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#22 Farmer Dale

#22 Farmer Dale talks about farming and I502 production

#21 Johnnie Walker

#21 Johnnie Walker on soil and aeroponics

#20 Drew Sweeney

#20 Drew Sweeney of Kasher Inc. talks about being an entrepreneur

#19 Kady Kane and Will Terps

#19 Cannabis news with Kady Kane and Will Terps

#18 Max Early

#18 Max Early, State Director of Oregon Leaf Magazine

#17 Kramer

#17 Kramer talks about solvent extraction, hydrocarbons, and the oil game in Oregon

#16 Kady Kane

#16 Kady Kane gives tips on passing a drug test, low-temp dabs, and cleaning a bong

#15 Moss Da Beast

#15 Moss Da Beast of Beast Mode Music Group talks hosting cannabis events, music, and Nipsey Hussle

#14 Lenny Volpe

#14 Lenny Volpe from Rootz Indoor Garden Supply

#13 Kaitlin Reed

#13 Kaitlin Reed, Professor of Native American Studies at Humboldt State University, speaking about the ecological impacts of the Green Rush on California Indians.

#12 Ryan Lutz

#12 Ryan Lutz talks about multi-state production with Pollen Nation Elite Genetics, Elephant Extracts, Elephant Farms, and Sweet Leaf Extractors.

#11 Pig Farmer

Pig Farmer talks cannabis cultivation, coral reefs, and brown weed.

#10 Kady Kane and Will Terps

Kady Kane and Will Terps celebrate the tenth show.

#9 One Eye RC, breeder of Dogwalker OG

One Eye RC breeder of Dogwalker OG speaks on breeding, Phylos Bioscience, and life.

#8 Budtending

Budtending with Rich Axtell from Apex, LaRain Miller from Kind Leaf, and Kathryn Lipp from Five Zero Trees.

#7 Regulation

Jason Ortiz from Minority Cannabis Businesss Association talks about regulation and what we can do to help.

#6 Lab Testing

Lab testing with Paul Swift of Chem History and Anthony Smith of EVIO Labs.

#5 Breeding

Breeding with Elephant Smiley and Noah Bentley

#4 Solventless Extraction

Solventless extraction with Anthony O'Bannon

#3 Solvent Extraction

Solvent Extraction with Kady Kane and Will Terps

#2 Cultivation

Guests: Noah Bentley of Salvation Farms, and Joshua Steensland of Steensland Consulting.

#1 Retail

Guests: Jackson McCormack of Natural Wonders, and Josh Galbraith of Kaya Shack.